HNWI Market Expands

Growth Continues as Global HNWI Wealth Breaks the US$70 Trillion Mark

The improving global economy spurred HNWI wealth to surpass the US$70 trillion threshold for the first time, registering its sixth-consecutive year of gains to grow 10.6%. The year 2017 was the second fastest year of HNWI wealth growth since 2011 (bested only by 13.8% growth in 2012-2013).


Asia-Pacific and North America powered HNWI population and wealth growth, accounting for 74.9% of the increase in global HNWI population (1.2 million new HNWIs) and 68.8% of the rise in HNWI wealth (US$4.6 trillion in new HNWI wealth). Europe’s strong performance continued in 2017 with 7.3% HNWI global population growth and 7.8% HNWI wealth growth. Most of European markets performed well, with Ireland the leader in HNWI population growth (15.3%) and HNWI wealth growth (16.3%).


The four largest markets and ultra-HNWIs drove overall HNWI population growth in 2017. The United States, Japan, Germany, and China represented 61.2% of global HNWI population in 2017 and accounted for 62.0% of all new HNWIs created globally.


As we originally predicted in the WWR 2016, global HNWI wealth is expected to reach US$106 trillion by 2025, with global HNWI wealth needing to expand at a relatively lower annual rate of 5.3% to hit this mark, down from the 5.9% projected last year.

World Wealth Report 2018

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