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74.0% (up from 72.5% in Q1 2013) of the Europe HNWIs are confident in their ability to generate wealth in the near future. This confidence comes alongside an strong and increasing level of trust in all aspects (wealth managers, wealth management firms, financial markets, and regulatory bodies) of the wealth management industry.

Please note: The data in the graph represents Q1 2014 data from the WWR 2014, as this data was not analyzed for the WWR 2015

Note: Chart numbers do not add up to 100% as the medium trust values (“Neither High” and “Neither Low”) lying between “Somewhat Low” and “Somewhat High” have not been shown here; Chart numbers may not add up exactly to total figures due to rounding; The responses to the question asked (“Currently, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? - I have trust and confidence in the …”) for various stakeholders listed above were analyzed based on agreement and disagreement to arrive at the percentages for HNWI trust and confidence levels

Source: Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management Global HNW Insights Survey 2015


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